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Shaws the Bakers and Creative Cake Makers

Photo Gallery

Birthday cakes Birthday cakes Teddy bear party As well as a lovely birthday cake, we think this would make a great Christening cake. 190513861 Horse mad This was ordered by a customer who loved our Bugs Bunny cake, but wanted a horsey theme instead. 190513862 Black and orange gerbera cake Bang on trend with this cake, the orange and black really compliment each other. 190513863 Mr Tickle Such a nice cake to make for a cheeky little boys birthday. 190513864 Lemon Rose A lovely pastel cake for a customer who wanted an old fashioned countryside feel to the cake. 190513865 Dora the explorer Always a popular theme. 190513866 Pirate ship Cheeky pirate onboard her ship. 190513867 Pirate Ben A popular theme again, this time just the head of a friendly pirate. 190513868 Hens Designed for a local hen keeper with his prize hens. 190513869 Canal boat 190513870 Motorbike 190513871 Harley Davidson Bike 190513872 Happy as a pig in mud Pigs are always a popular request, this is one of our favourites. 190513873 Snappy Birthday Crocodiles are lovely to make, loved by children and adults. 190513874 Sand snake 190513875 Dart board 190513876 Liverpool Football Club 190513877 Chocolate heaven These are really popular at the minute, with whatever chocolates you fancy. 190513878 Peso Penguin For all avid Octonaut fans. 190513879 Noddy 190513880 In the night garden Again a popular theme. 190513881 Mr Men A fab cake to make, especially Mr Tickles arms. 190513882 80th birthday Quite a simple design, but we think it looks really classy. 190513883 30th birthday We can do any design you fancy, depending on your hobbies & interests. 190513884 Orchid cake This cake wasn't your usual request- as well as english we were asked to pipe in Sinhalese too- for one of our Sri Lankan customers. 190513885 Exotic two tier Designed for a customer who loved exotic flowers. 190513886 Space invaders A great retro cake. 190513888 Veg cake For a keen gardener. 190513889 Fairy castle Every little girls dream. 190513890 Manchester United Another popular football cake request. 190513892 Happy 21st Again, horses are always a popular request-this time with her owner. 190513893 Pretty in pink Lovely girly cake, with black & pink being a popular colour choice. 190513894 Train 190513895 Hello Kitty 190513896 Sports car 190513897 Hello Kitty face 190513898 Cricket 190513899 Dispicable me 190513900 Postman Pat Designed for very special little boy who is an avid fan. 190513901 Plane spotting 190513902 Giraffe cake 190513903 Battleship cake 190513904 Spinosaurus 190513905 Eeyore 190513906 Gromit 190513907 Bob the builder 190513908 All tucked up This was a lovely cake to make, for a lovely little girl who's Daddy has a sheep farm and 2 cats (one with extra toes-as you can see by the paw prints). 190513909 Burger Queen 190513910 Manchester City 190513911 Under water theme party 190513912 Cheeky pirate with treasure 190513913 Princess Barbie 190513914 Snoopy 190513915 Sylvester the cat 190513916 Tasmanian Devil 190513917 Tom & Jerry 190513918